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Brand image design, brand planning, promotion, packaging design, brand website construction, commercial space design

The brand is rooted in professionalism, and we have a complete service chain from planning to design to production. Our core service is to help customers build an excellent brand image system through international design and brand management. From the perspective of customers, broaden the horizon of brand design, make the international vision and oriental taste perfectly integrate, truly realize the in-depth communication of the brand's soul, and bloom the charm of the brand, so as to provide solutions and services with international standards and creatively solve problems for customers . We always adhere to ideas, innovation, creative design, brand planning, creative research, creative positioning, creative strategy, creative performance and execution, creative management, creative personality communication, and even creative life.

  • Brand Logo Design / Trademark Design |
  • Enterprise VI vision system design / Si space design |
  • Enterprise CIS Brand System (MI / BI / VI) |
  • Corporate brochure / product brochure design |
  • Poster / publication design

We have been working hard to make breakthroughs and breakthroughs in brand planning, brand design and brand promotion, and continue to provide customers with tailor-made brand services to meet different needs in the market today. Gain customers' trust and recognition with quality. No matter the size of the brand, we will put our strength into practice, so that the advertising design effect appears in the same brand image and proposition in each link, so that every detail plays the value of communication, visually enhances competitiveness, and turns creativity into sales force. Design guides infectivity, increases brand awareness, enhances brand effects, detonates product sales, and comprehensively plans and promotes your brand to help you break the cocoon into a butterfly and complete the successful transformation of the brand!

  • Brand strategy positioning |
  • Brand naming / USP buy points refinement |
  • Slogan / Brand Image Design |
  • New product launch / promotional materials |
  • New product strategy / communication promotion design

Product packaging is the clothing of the product. It is said that people rely on clothes and horses on saddles, and Yun wants clothes to look good. Packaging design is a comprehensive reflection of brand philosophy, product characteristics, and consumer psychology, which directly affects consumers' desire to buy. With fourteen years of professional packaging design experience, international fashion brand packaging design, domestic top design strength, we provide customers with brand-wide visual application solutions, tailor-made market penetrating product line matrix, and establish characteristic series. Packaging visual style. The exquisite packaging conveys a special heart, choose and be expensive, just choose professional!

  • Food Packaging Design / Grocery | Antiques on Anticoantico
  • FMCG Packaging Design / Agricultural Products |
  • Tea packaging design | Antiques on Anticoantico
  • Health product packaging design |
  • IT / Other

To build a brand website for your profession, from demand-creativity-design-programming-finished products, we strive for excellence in each step, one-on-one VIP service of the team, 100% personalized custom design, the leader of domestic high-end website . How to build your own brand website? Walk into Heweigui and introduce you in detail.

  • Website Planning / WeChat Public Account |
  • Website Design / Mobile Website Construction |
  • Portal Website / Business Website Construction |
  • H5 Product Marketing Production |
  • Database Website

We are professional in commercial space design, we are unique in creativity, and we have strict requirements for construction and installation. Heweigui provides integrated services for commercial space design: planning + brand + exhibition + soft environment synchronization. And as your elite brand leader, take you out! In this diverse, multi-competitive, and ever-changing era, we will be your ultimate power to change the face of business space. Planning team + design team + customer service + production implementation, any link is strictly controlled, and finally presents you a perfect visual feast.

  • Commercial space design / office environment style design |
  • Exhibition Design / Retail Design |
  • Specialty store environmental style design / visual environment design |
  • Brand terminal store space | Antiques on Anticoantico
  • Counter design

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