In today's society, packaging design is very important for enterprises. If you want to make good use of packaging design, you must fully understand packaging design. So do you know what functional value packaging design has? Guangzhou Packaging Design Company shares the following points with you,

The specific embodiment is as follows: an inductive analysis is carried out around the two main objectives of packaging to protect products and promote product sales in the circulation process. First, use. Reasonable use can increase the use value of packaging products. Whether it is large electrical appliances or small daily necessities, it is necessary to consider the rationality of its packaging, which meets human physiological standards and psychological acceptance requirements in ergonomics, so that consumers experience Packaging improves lifestyle and quality of life. At the same time, the behavior, experience and experience of people's own actions accumulated in the process of use will promote the budding of creative ideas and design motivation.

Second, transportation. Transportation includes the displacement of packaging products during manufacturing, storage, and sales processes, such as reasonable form dimensions and quantitative assembly, will affect the energy efficiency in the packaging process. This function requires a certain selection of packaging materials, materials, sizes, quality, and shapes.

Third, marketing. It mainly includes the purposeful activities carried out by regional agents and retailers to promote sales benefits. It is required that the packaging is convenient for store placement and shelf storage, and the packaging container can be easily used.

Guangzhou Packaging Design Co., Ltd. shares the above functions with you, hoping to help everyone, so that you can better use packaging design.

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