As people ’s living conditions get better and better, the treatment given by the state is also very high. With the rise of high-rise buildings, a new generation of young people, with their own talents, are thinking about making money by themselves. After all, Working for others is always working, and only the money you earn is true. Therefore, when major investments are built, more and more peers are becoming more and more new and unique. In Guangzhou, a Guangzhou design company was established to design different styles for major brands with unique design styles.

Design is a purposeful plan, and graphic design is one of the forms that these plans will take. In the process of graphic design, you need to use visual elements to spread your ideas and plans, and use text and graphics to convey information to the audience. People use these visual elements to understand your ideas and plans. Design is a combination of technology and art, and is a product of the commercial society. In the commercial society, the ideal balance between artistic design and creative creation is needed. It requires objectivity and restraint. It is necessary for the author to speak for the client. The key point of design is to discover that it can only be achieved through continuous in-depth feelings and experiences, and moving others is a challenge for designers. Design should be moving, enough details can move people, graphic creativity can move people, color creative taste can move people, material texture can move people ... organically combine various elements of design. In addition, designers should understand that rigorous attitudes can cause people's spiritual vibrations.

There may be many different ways to study design, because this is determined by the diverse knowledge structure of design. No matter what you did before, no matter how you used to, after entering the field of design, your previous experience will affect You, you will face challenges and the possibility of being eliminated, just as it is impossible to achieve greatness by relying on people's subjective wishes. The term design comes from English and includes a wide range of design and building types: industry, environmental art, decoration, display, clothing, graphic design, etc., but the name of graphic design is difficult to express in ordinary expressions, because the disciplines The cross is broad and deep, and some are called: graphic design, visual communication design, decoration design, architectural decoration design, etc. This may have a lot to do with the characteristics of graphic design, because design is omnipresent and graphic design is ubiquitous. Speaking of printing are all related to graphic design. Functionally, "the behavior of adjusting vision to a certain extent through human beings" is called visual communication, which uses visual language to convey information and express opinions, and decorates. Design or decoration art design is considered to be a very inaccurate name, one-sided. After understanding the scope and connotation of graphic design, let's take a look at the classification of graphic design, such as image system design, font design, book design, line design, packaging design, poster / poster design ... You can say this There are as many designs as you need.

The establishment of the Guangzhou Design Company was initially a small company, but the products it designed were particularly influential outside the world, and many large companies saw them and asked for cooperation.

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