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A brand design company that has gone through twelve years

Brand Consultant + Senior Design

A brand planning and design company established in Guangzhou in 2004. For 12 years, Heweigui has been committed to providing brand creation,
Design services for brand upgrade and brand management. Professionalism, intentions, details, and actual combat are our eternal pursuit. When you first knew and were your brand,
Hope you become our next strategic partner. Heweigui will provide you with professional and high-quality brand planning and design services.

Our philosophy

A unique and valuable, committed to becoming an excellent brand planning and design agency,
With a keen insight into market trends and a deep understanding of consumers and business forms, Heweigui spares no effort to provide customers with first-class services that make it the industry's best.
We are determined to be the most trustworthy brand design manager of an enterprise. One can truly provide customers with excellent designs.
And the design agency that can really make the design bring profits to the enterprise, solve the problems encountered by the brand promotion for you is the value and corporate philosophy of harmony.

Focus on strategic brand design and effectively upgrade brand competitiveness

Everything we do is just to make your business better!

Growth course


Hewei Advertising appears as a design studio, providing graphic design and printing services for enterprises.
This year also allowed us to accumulate a lot of customer resources, and the customer base is also growing.


Hehe successfully registered for your ad and officially launched it, positioning it to be a unique planning and design company in the field of advertising.
Relying on its own fine arts advantages and years of industry service experience, it professionally provides customers with brand image design, brand planning, brand promotion and other services.


With the continuous growth of design and printing business, the customer base has gradually expanded from small and medium enterprises to large enterprises. This includes government companies,
Listed companies, etc. In response to market changes and the ever-changing needs of customers, the company continuously organizes employees to study and discuss the entire process of customer project implementation.
He and your staff are always ready to meet new challenges.


We are tireless, constantly exploring, and adding new shooting equipment,
With imported professional cameras and supporting lighting equipment, it is suitable for shooting products, conferences, celebrations, etc.


Serving your advertising in a broader field and more customer groups ... The scope of services is not only graphic design,
It also involves the design and construction of corporate stores, the design of exhibition halls.

Our work environment

Colorful life happy work

We only do one thing: brand integrated communication design

Harmonious Culture

Brand Perspective


The brand design work produced by Hewei is based on the actual situation of the corporate brand.
To carry out brand integration and innovative design, to achieve a practical commercial effect, thereby creating a suitable brand image.
And the combination of brand and business, to give your brand a premium ability! In the era of brand melee, we must integrate and innovate the brand to continue its development.
Facing the torrent of mass consumption, He Xuanweigui has a keen eye for insight into consumer trends.

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With Heweigui, you will get more mature brand building services. We put customers first, and at the same time challenge each other, and strive to present good results in brand building.

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